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Finding Myself All Over Again

Hi Fam,

Wow, February is here ( I know I’m a little late) and we are off to a good start. I haven’t looked forward to or have been this excited in a while. I have this new outlook on life. New found appreciation. Perhaps it’s everything I’ve gone through with my mom. Next week will mark a full year since finding out my mother’s cancer diagnosis. It’s crazy to think about that. It’s hard. Through this whole journey, I’ve learned to live life to the fullest. Not to sweat the small things and to work hard towards my goals. I spend the last 2 years, worrying about my future. Worrying away, which brought nothing but sadness and anxiety. I spent all of 2021 caring for my mom, and then after, mouring (still am) her loss. It has not been easy.

Since October of 2021, I’ve been focusing on preparing for 2022 and my goals. I’ve great new habits and starting implementing them early on last year so I can hit the ground running as soon as January hit. There’s no time to waste. Despite how business I’m getting, I’m taking care of myself, my mental health, diving into my morning devotionals, reconnecting with old friends and forming new ones. I’ve let go of nonsense, and cutting out things/people that don’t serve me anymore. By letting go and refocusing my energy, I feel like I was able to find myself all over again. It’s taken a while ( 8 months to be exact) but the start of this new year has been wonderful.

I feel like I found my flow again. I mean, look, I’m writing and connecting with you all – that’s something to celebrate. I’ve started to create content again. God only knows, how much I’ve needed that. Grief is not linear. Some days I’m happy and others, I’m sitting there missing my mom. What I’ve learned is to take it easy. Take baby steps each day. Don’t be hard on yourself ( I know it’s hard not to be) I feel that’s been the best process for me. It takes time. With that being said, I’m grateful and excited for what’s to come. Here’s a glimpse of my past month.

Thank you for tuning in once again! If you’re new, welcome. I hope you’ll stay a while, browse around and get to know me more. See you soon on my next post.


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