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Why I Started The Three Day Water Cleanse | The Back Story Part 1

Hey, Stranger

A lot has happened since corona virus hit and my body and mental state suffered the most. I’m assuming I’m not alone in this, right?

I had hit many road blocks in my fitness and health journey during quarantine, especially when my bowel movements were thrown off. It came as no surprise, I mean after all, I was putting my body in a lot of stress during the first three months. I got really concerned when I went almost a full week with little to no bowel movement. I consulted with my physician and she mentioned that I might have developed IBS – great!

I was really going through a rough time coping with my anxiety and decided to film my journey with it to someday look back and see my progress.

For those that don’t know, IBS is sometimes linked to stress and anxiety…. which I’ve been dealing with since November of last year. That same day after consulting with my doctor, I wanted a second option so I called my homeopathic doctor. I addressed all my concerns and told her what my primary doctor had said. She definitely didn’t think it was IBS related and said it was mostly due to stress. She gave me supplements to help get my body back to normal, and boy did it work!!! Thank you Doctor, Kidd.

It took me a good three months to realize that I needed to get my life back in order. I started to workout again, TRIED to eat better ( check out my Pinterest for inspo ) but that was still a work in progress. I kept pushing myself but wasn’t seeing much results even though I was working out everyday! By now, we all know that working out is just a small portion of the equation! I knew that I had to change not only how often I was working out but what I was putting in my body. Slowly but surely, my diet became an important factor in my recovery.

During my healing process, I had to rewire my brain to start thinking differently if I wanted to get better! I kept my anxiety under control, I started to eat much cleaner and focused on staying healthy. It really did help out a lot and after some time, my body started to respond well. I was relieved and happy to see that my symptoms were related to stress and not IBS. I still have a lot of growing to do from this experience but I feel like I’m on the right direction. With that being said, I wanted to dive in on why I started my 3 day cleanse……. Check out this post to read it.

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