Tips To Landing Collaborations

Hi Ladies,

This has been a highly requested blog post, and I’m really excited to share my tips with you guys! Now, I just wanted to start out by saying that I’m not an expert BUT throughout the years, I have learned a few things along the way.

A year ago, I purchased the Pitch It Perfect Program because I wanted to get better at pitching myself to brands. It’s been extremely useful and it’s given me a foundation on how to represent myself. I made the investment because I was tired of not having success when it came to landing collaborations.

I use to get hurt and bothered when brands would say NO to me but I’ve learned that it’s okay and here’s why! You need to be consistent, persistent and have offer brands your unique take on things. No’s have allowed me to ask myself: What can I do better? How can I improve my pitch!? There’s nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board and learning from each conversation….because they will all be different!

Let’s get to the juicy part now:

Tip #1. Create a media kit!!! If you don’t know what a media kit is it’s basically a resume of all your information, stats, audience and past collaborations. This gives the brand an overview of who YOU are. I went years without having one, but I found that many companies now are asking for them especially if they are truly considering you as a potential partner. You can always Google examples of media kits and create one on Word.

Tip #2: After your media kit is ready, it’s time to brainstorm! Ask yourself: Who do I want to reach out to? Make sure that the company aligns with your brand, your vision and what you’re trying to promote on your platform.

For example, if you’re a Fashion Blogger reach out to companies that are in the fashion industry. Stick to your niche and work with brands that are similar to yours. Hope that makes sense!

Tip #3. Once you have the above figured out, start working on your PITCH! Every pitch will be different depending on what you want to say. You can always use a generic one for all brands but I like to switch it up occasionally. Make sure that your pitch stands out and that your offering the brand YOUR unique take on things. Here’s an example of what you can say:

Hello < Hotel Name> <Brand Name>

My name is Dawn and I’m a lifestyle/travel blogger from Los Angeles. I’m traveling to Santa Barbara in April and was looking to see if < Hotel Name > would be willing to collaborate with me. I have tons of great ideas that I’d like to share with you guys and believe that we’d be a great fit. Who can I talk to about a potential collaboration?

You can word it however you’d like but this is just an example of what you can say! I’ve also attached an actual conversation for your reference:

Tip #4. Once you feel happy and confident with your pitch, start reaching out. It can be a little intimidating at first but it gets much easier along the way…I promise! Now, the secret to landing collaborations is………being consistent, persistent and different. Don’t wait around for brands to reach out to you, if you want it, go get it! Which leads to the following tip.

Tip #5. We’ve all heard the saying, ” Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” Don’t just reach out to ONE brand/hotel etc., send your pitch to lots of other brands because you’ll increase your chances to be seen and heard! Kid you not, I reached out to 15+ hotels until ONE said yes! I promise you, someone out there will see your value and will want to work with you.

NOTE: Know your worth, what you can offer and what you deserve. Lots of brands will want to take advantage, not pay you (enough), etc., it’s up to you to decide what you want out of the partnership/collaboration. Learn to negotiate and have the brand meet you halfway!

Tip #6. So what happens after you landed your FIRST collaboration and complete the work? The next step will be to nurture that relationship and keep the conversation going. It’s important to stay in touch and reach back out even after the collaboration is over. This is how ongoing partnerships are created.

If you want to learn more on how I do that, leave me a comment and I’d be happy to create a post specifically for that.

BONUS TIP. How to handle a NO: Don’t get discouraged when a brand says no! Always respond back and thank them for their answer….see example down below. There’s been a couple of times when a brand said no to me at first, but later reached back out when something became available. Remember this, no’s don’t always mean, ” We don’t want to work with you EVER.” It can just mean that in that particular moment, they didn’t have anything available or maybe collaborations for that month were filled, etc.

Hi, < Brand Name >

Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate you getting back to me and letting me know your decision. If the brand ever changes their mind, I’d love to be considered for any future collaborations. Is it okay if I touch base with you later on down the road? Thank you and have a wonderful day.

There you have it loves! Hope this was helpful and gives you the encourage to out there and kick some butt! Don’t be shy because the sky’s the limit. Can’t wait to hear about your success stories.




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