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Let The Wedding Planning Begin.

Happy Wednesday,

It’s been a while since I’ve written something on here! I always forget how much I really enjoy coming on this platform to connect with you guys at a much deeper level. Anyone else feel that way about blogs?

As you may know, Matt and I just started planning our wedding. I personally feel like we’re behind on this whole process but I’m glad we’ve taken the time to really sit and think about what we wanted.

For starters, Matt and I found our dream venue last Friday! It’s not your traditional venue but we are so happy with it because it has everything we need. It’s a beautiful home located in Thousand Oaks in a very secluded area which is ideal for a wedding. The backyard is spacious and has plenty of room for tables, chairs, a dance floor, DJ, and not to mention space for a bartender and a catering company.

Why did you pick a house instead of a banquet hall?

When we were shopping around for a venue we didn’t want to feel restricted. We wanted the freedom to book our own catering company, supply our own drinks and party until 2 a.m. Not many locations will allow parties to do any of the above without having to pay more money. Matt and I plan to stay within a specific budget so when we come across this place it was meant to be! It’s true what they say, ” When you know, you know!” My advice to any future bride is: do your research, look at different options and figure out your budget. This will make it much easier when booking a place.

Now, we’re still in the beginning stages of planning but we at least have the venue which is the MOST important thing in my books. We also have a date for the wedding (2020), ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS (which I’ll be sharing down below) my dream cake, first dance picked out and a honeymoon destination – AHHH! I’ll definitely be sharing more once things start falling into place.

So, without further ado, here’s our engagement photos!! You won’t believe this but this was our first photo session together – I thought we did pretty good 😉 Matt and I took pictures at the Pasadena Courthouse which ended up being the perfect location for a mini photoshoot. I’m really happy with my photos and couldn’t have picked a better photographer to bring my vision to life. Hope you guys enjoy them, too.

p.s if you have any questions please leave your comments down below!

Let the wedding planning BEGIN!!!!

Location: Pasadena courthouse | Photos: Pablo

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