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My Skincare Routine | Beauty

Looking to kiss your old skin care products goodbye and say hello to radiant looking skin? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I started using Honey Girl about three years ago. Funny story, I came across their products because my mom was using their eye cream and facial toner as her skincare routine. I got a little curious and started using it myself. I fell in love instantly.

After that, I kept buying other products and fell even more in love with their skin care line. My skin has never looked or felt better. And although I have to thank my momma for my good skin, I knew I had to take good care of it and protect it. Think about it; we put our skin through a lot; from makeup to pollution in the air, our skin needs all the help it can get. Why not do it with safe products that were MADE to feed and preserve your beautiful skin.

While cleaning out my makeup and skincare products, I knew I wanted to keep items that were organic, cruelty-free and products that I trusted. After clearing out a big chunk of my collection, only a few items made the cut. I made Honey Girl Organics my main company for all my skincare needs. Their products have improved my skin, and I have NEVER had any issues with any of them. No irritation, no break outs.

*Disclaimer: I can’t speak for everyone on here. This blog post is based on my personal experience using Honey Girl Organics. Everyone’s skin is different and may react differently to certain ingredients. Always consult your doctor or dermatologist before starting something new.

So with all that being said, let’s do this!

After a long day of wearing makeup, I like to wash my face with Honey Girl Organics Foaming Facial Wash. I apply 1-2 pumps to my palm and gently massage it all over my face (avoid eyes). After, I wash it off with lukewarm water.

#2: Facial Cleanser

After washing my face with the Foaming Facial Wash, I like to use the Facial Cleanser to remove any excess makeup that I might have missed. I grab a cotton ball and pump a few drops into it. I then gently massage the product to my face to remove the residue. Afterward, I rewash my face with lukewarm water.

#3 Facial Scrub

Everyone needs a good scrub to get the dirt, makeup or to remove dead skin cells. I’ve tried multiple scrubs before, and I like how soft and gentle the Facial Scrub feels on my skin. After applying the Facial Scrub (dry face first), I add lukewarm to adjust the exfoliation. Gently apply it all over the face and remove it with a cotton ball or with a washcloth.

Side Note: I’ll use the Facial Scrub twice a week.

#4 Facial Toner (My Favorite)

Tricks of the Trade: I spray a little of the Facial Toner to my eyeshadows to bring out the color and pigmentation. The best trick I’ve learned so far and I love it.

The Facial Toner is best used after the Facial Cleanser. I love the refreshing feel it gives my face. I even use it after I’m finished applying my makeup. I use it as a setting spray and for extra hydration. I get this nice dewy/healthy glow.

#5 Face & Eye Creme / Regenerating Face Serum

The Face & Eye Creme helps repair the skin and enhances collagen production. I have a beautiful shine and glow afterwards. Perfect for summer.

I sometimes go back and forth between the Face & Eye Creme and the Regenerating Face Serum. It’s very similar to the Face & Eye Creme, but this product focuses more on dry or problem areas on face, neck and chest area! It’s pretty impressive.

#6 Body Creme

Everything thus far has been about how I manage and care for my face, but you can’t forget about everything else! The Body Creme is super soft and nourishing towards my body. I tend to get ashy around the elbows and keens, so I apply a little more around those areas. It has a sweet and natural aroma to it.

#7 Rejuvenating Mask

I like using the Rejuvenating Mask twice or once a week to help reset and nourish my skin.


There you have it my skincare routine! I hope this post has been informative. Let me know if you guys would like to see more skincare blog posts. Thanks for stopping by and can’t wait to connect with you guys again.

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