7 Things to be Grateful For

Hi Guys and Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!

Having my personal blog, allows me to share things I won’t necessarily share with people on a daily basis. It’s one of the reasons why I LOVE blogging so much! I consider my followers to be my virtual best friends; I am so lucky to have you guys! As we approach the end of the year and of course Thanksgiving, I wanted to share #7 things I’m most grateful for this Holiday Season.

1.My Health- I wake up every day, thanking God for my life and my health. Being healthy is such a blessing; don’t ever take it for granted!

2.My Family- Sometimes it feels like I’m on an episode of “Family Feud.” However, I can’t put past all the love and support I receive from my family every single day. Big shout out to my Mother that goes above and beyond for me, she doesn’t always get the recognition she deserves, but I love her to death. Remember, family is everything, so enjoy them!

3.My boyfriend- Picture your “dream guy,” can you see him? Perfect! Well, Matthew is my dream guy, my Prince Charming. He is loyal, trustworthy, smart, funny, handsome, and genuine, did I mention handsome? I can’t imagine my life without him. We have so much history together yet, after all this time, we still laugh and love the same way we did when we first met. He has made me a better person and has inspired me to do amazing things. I love you, honey!


4.My Job- Let’s face it, without my job, I would be flat broke (lol), true story! We forget that many people struggle to find jobs, especially in a competitive and busy city like Los Angeles. Next time your boss pisses you off, just kill them with kindness.

5.My Blogger Career- I remember when I first started blogging last year; seems like a long time ago. I would have never envisioned my life the way it is right now. I’m super grateful for all the incredible opportunities the blogging world has brought me.

6. My Friends- Where would I be without my BEST FRIENDS!? Every girl needs her girls for those late nights, good laughs, gossip and experiences that will last a lifetime.

7.You ( my virtual family) – Honestly, everything that has happened to me so far, is because of YOU! Thanks you for the love and support, it truly means the WORLD to me. I love what I do, and I hope you stick around for the ride

Count your blessings and remember, be thankful every single DAY!




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