Party Planning Guide

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Hello Party People,

The Holiday’s are finally upon us; so that means cocktails, leftover turkey sandwiches, smash potatoes and plenty of parties to attend! I recently celebrated my 27th birthday and let me just say, planning my party was an experience I’ll never forget. If you’re not prepared, planning your party can be a very stressful thing to do. I want to make things very easy for you guys, so I’ll share some great tips on how to throw the “perfect party” with minimal stress!

Party Planning Checklist:

Three Weeks Before
1.Make a guest list
2.Send invitations
3.Decide on a theme and venue

Side Note: I planned my party a month prior. I figured many people have plans for Halloween in advance, so I’m happy I did it sooner rather than later!
Two Weeks Before
1.Come up with a good playlist (side note) I made my playlist the day off, don’t do this; plan ahead and avoid the stress. Hey, the “Thong Song” was a hit!
2.Make a list of grocery items for the party
One Week Before

1.Clean the house thoroughly
2.Visualize where everything will go
3.Buy snacks and drinks, including the alcohol if you plan to serve some
One Day Before

  1. Finish the grocery shopping
  2. Decorate
  3. Notify the neighbors
  4. Hide any valuable items

Day Off Party

  1. Finish any last minute decoration, cleaning, and cooking
  2. Set up the tables and chairs
  3. Display drinks, food and plates
  4. Greet guest and HAVE FUN!

Planning a party doesn’t have to be super stressful. Some people to like to cook the meals themselves, but to make it easier on myself, I got a #tacoman to come and cater. I also, got a bartender to help with the drinks.

Another Tip!

Ask your closest friends to help out and your family as well. I was lucky enough to have Matt and his family help out. Of course, I also have my good friend Gaby, come to my rescue when I had to get ready for the party! Thanks, Guys.

I’d love to hear other tips for party planning! If you have any suggestions, please list them down below. Please hashtag if you use this party planning guide with #dawntips.

And Just remember …….





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