Make a Change


I often thought to make a difference in the world, you either needed to be Kim Kardashian or a famous Politician. Let’s face it; I’m neither, but as an influencer/blogger, I want to start raising awareness on topics such as cancer, mental illness, world hunger, bullying, etc. These are all issues that are affecting people around the world and even the people we love. We often shy away from weighty issues like these, because it’s hard to face reality. We need to realize the more we look the other way; the more people continue to suffer.

I received a phone call this morning from my sister, and something she said resonated. You don’t have to be “famous” to make a difference in the world. People just need to get out there and starting helping others. According to the American Cancer Society, “In 2016, there will be an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases diagnosed and 595,690 cancer deaths in the US.” Many people have been affected by cancer in some way shape or form. Back in 2011, my friend’s mom passed away from cancer. It was the hardest thing to witness, till this day it still haunts me. There’s a lot of change and work that needs to be done here. These patients need the research and medication to help them get better. That’s why it’s also important that you vote and let your voice be heard on November 8th, 2016. Vote Yes, on Proposition 61, this will allow people with Cancer, HIV, and other medical issues, to be able to afford their medication. Remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s help those in need, Make a Donation  .

We are often consumed in our personal lives that we forget what it’s like to give back. My sister and I agreed that we would devote one time out of the month, to charity. I’m a stronger believer that through volunteer work, people can learn the real value of life. Whether, it’s helping the poor or volunteering at a homeless shelter, it starts making a difference in their lives. According to, “1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty.”With the holiday’s around the corner, I want to help someone in need. We can agree that the Holiday’s makes us want to spend quality time with our families. We can also agree, it shows us how lucky and grateful we should be for the things we have. We don’t think of these situations because we aren’t in them, how differently would you think if you were? There are several ways people can start volunteering, check out this link for volunteer opportunities in L.A, L.A Volunteer Work . There are real people out there, good people that have already begun this movement. Pick something you are passionate about and start getting involved in it. If you enjoy working with kids, then there’s several hospitals and charities that you can reach out to. If it’s animal cruelty then, there are several pet shelters that need your help, check out PAWS .

We are here for a purpose! Perhaps that purpose is to find a new breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry, win the Nobel Prize, or helping human kind; either one, we are here for something greater than ourselves. Spread the love and make a difference.

I am open to suggestions, comments, concerns, thoughts. I want to do something special on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, if anyone would like to join, please email me @ and reference volunteer/charity work on the subject line.

Together we can change the world!





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Wanna Help:

Elizabeth Ramirez was diagnosed on July 11th of this year with Acute Myeloid Leukemia‎. This is a form of cancer that accumulates in the bone marrow which affects the production of normal blood cells. She started chemotherapy immediately in order to help contain the disease while she seeks a stem cell match which would ultimately be her best chance of survival. She is a young woman who has a lot to live for. One of the most important reasons being her three amazing sons.




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