Hello My Beauties,

With the flu season around the corner, it’s crucial to keep those hands free & clear of bacteria. I work with people all the time, and germs can be easily transferred through handshakes and dirty surfaces. Let me just say, I get sick often, especially during the fall & winter time; so, it’s critical for me, to keep my hand’s germ-free.

I’ve recently started using #Elyptol’s hand sanitizer and it’s one of the best antimicrobial hand gels I’ve tried so far. I’m a strong believer in natural chemicals, that are safe to use, especially for people that have kids. Elyptol just recently won the NEXTY Award for best Natural Living Product! Congrats 😉



I love the packaging it comes with because it already has a built-in key clip. Easily portable and I know I won’t lose it (haha).  Unlike, the other hand gels, this one has a light natural scent to it and the texture is dense.

Elyptol also offers a “spray” hand sanitizer, which I love. I take my hand sanitizer spray bottle everywhere I go; it just makes it easier for me to “spray and go.”

I hope you guys give Elyptol a try; I think you guys will enjoy their products as much as I have. I’ll link their information down below. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.





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