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Schwarzkopf Review

People always ask, “Dawn, what type of hair products do you use?” Well, I’m very lucky because I have a sister that’s a hairstylists. 😉 She’s always telling me about all the latest and greatest hair products on the market. Today I wanted to share some of my current favorite products from Schwarzkopf.

I teamed up with Schwarzkopf to talk about three of my favorite products. I’ll list all of the products down below with comments telling you why I LOVE these items.

  • Number one has to be Schwarzkopf’s Biotin + Volume. For the longest time, I’ve searched for the perfect product that would give me that extra volume. I’ve tried hairsprays and other texturizing products, but none seem to do the work. After trying the Biotin + Volume, I was in complete shock! This stuff works!! Now I can look like those hair models on Vogue Magazine 😉

How to use it:

Lift hair and sprinkle onto the scalp in sections. Just like the dry shampoo, just work in the powder into the roots for instant volume.


  • What I love about this next product is that it’s a suitable for daily usage, meaning I don’t have to wash it out after applying it! This product is their Omega Repair 11-1 Leave – In. I’ll typically use this after I’m done with my shower and put a lot of the focus on my damage areas. For me, that’s usually the ends of my hair.

How to use it:

Apply to damp or dry hair and focus on damaged areas and tips.


  • I enjoy my time in the shower and taking care of my skin and hair. The Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment is the perfect element to add to my hair while in the shower. All you do is leave it in for 1 minute, and you’re ready to rinse it off.

How to use it:

Apply gently to wet hair, leave in for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly.


There you have it ladies, my secret to fuller and healthier looking hair. My favorite thing has to be that all their products smell AMAZING.

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