How To Keep Your Hair Feeling & Looking Healthy

Hello Ladies & Happy Friday,

Today, I’m talking about hair and how to keep it looking healthy! For most woman their hair is their best attribute and maintaining its integrity is important. Below I want to share seven tips on how to achieve healthier looking hair.

7 Tips:

1. Comb from the bottom up- I can’t begin to tell you how many times my sister has told me to do this, but of course, I never listened. I started to notice my hair breaking a lot and it was causing split ends. I decided to buy an inexpensive brush, The Wet Brush. It has worked wonders, and I can’t stress how great this brush is. Besides having a good brush, it’s important how you brush out your hair. Comb from the bottom up, this prevents hair breakage.

2. Treat your scalp- Whenever you ever go to the salon, don’t you just love the part where the hairdresser ‘s assistant massages your scalp? Well, that’s my favorite :). Turns out massaging your scalp can help and eliminate stress. You can easily do this at home, and enjoy the benefits. Make sure to use your favorite shampoo or even coconut oil to apply into your scalp.

3. Blow dry with low heat- It’s always recommended to blow dry your hair with low heat. This will prevent breakage and less damage to the hair. Make sure not to blow dry too close to your hair, and stay at least 8 inches away.

4. Rinse with cold water- Although, I love the hot water, it’s nice to have the cold water hit my hair and scalp for a refreshing touch! This can make your hair look shiny & healthy. Eliminating heat will always be best for your hair. Take care of it.

5. Skip a wash- I was the QUEEN of washing my hair every day. Mainly because I was working out every day, and I wanted to feel clean. I noticed my hair was feeling & looking dry.Turns out washing your hair every day takes away from the natural oils, which can cause your hair to dry out quickly. I decided to invest in a good dry shampoo. I’m currently using the Lush Dry Shampoo [No Drought], and I love the smell of it.

6. Get a trim – I would hate getting trims only because I thought it would make my hair look short, which isn’t the case-hah. My sister, recommended getting a trim every 2-3 months or whenever I needed it. This has allowed my hair to grow a lot faster and healthier. #nosplitends

7. Hair Mask – Making your DIY hair mask at home is always a great idea. This allows anyone to custom make their own creations and what will benefit their hair. I like the avocado & mayo hair treatment. What’s your favorite hair mask?

Essential Oils:

Besides the seven tips for healthier looking hair, I would say essential oils is a big part of it, too. There are #9 essential oils that help with growing and keeping your hair healthy. My personal favorite has to be peppermint.

Lists of essential oils [For Hair]:

Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang
Roman Chamomile
The benefits of essential oils are:

1.Cleanses the scalp
2.Aromatic benefits
3.Makes your hair strong & healthy

Add to your daily routine, and you can start to see the difference! The great thing about essential oils is their ability to heal and generate a healthier lifestyle. I will go more into detail on the other side of essential oils in a later post.

FYI, some of my information came from Doterra’s magazine!

I hope you found this post informative! Please share any other tips you may. Let me know if you try any of these tips out & hashtag #dawntips if you do!




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