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Clay Mask by FIG + Yarrow 

Let’s face it, every single day we put our face through a lot, whether its makeup, sun exposure or just everyday life stress. I was in desperate need of a good clay mask that would help me clean my face and restore it.

After a very long day one day, I told Matt, let’s go to Target. As tired as I was, we went and ended up finding a “do-it-yourself clay mask” by Fig + Yarrow. I was super excited because it was under $20 and I was able to add water and other elements to make it my own. Let me just say my two favorite ingredients have to be honey & yogurt. FYI, follow the instructions on the back of the bottle, for other great ingredients.

How many times do you use the clay mask?

I’ll use this clay mask Monday’s and then again on Friday’s. Monday’s to get the week started & Friday’s to look good for the weekend ;).

You guys have to check out Fig + Yarrow products. I was in love with this clay mask that I’m sure you will, too. I’ll link their information down below. Make sure to let me know what your thoughts are or if you have other mask products that you like using.



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