Six Things Every Woman Should Carry in Their Bag!

Hello and Happy Tuesday,

There are a few items every woman should carry in their bags, and I’m sharing my top #6 items with you today.

Hand sanitizer – There are a lot of germs in door knobs, bathrooms, shaking someone’s hand or by handling cash. People tend to forget that majority of the time; we get real sick due to not washing or cleaning our hands often. Hand sanitizers are the perfect to-go trick to keep your hand’s germ-free, killing 99.9% of germs.

Lip balm- I’m not sure about you, but my lips seem to get super dry when the season changes. Before that, I would never carry any form of lip balm until my lips got awful last year. I realized that I needed to wear it underneath my lipstick to keep them feeling & looking healthy. Dawn Tip: It’s been said, that drinking A LOT of water will keep your lips from cracking and getting chapped; so drink up ladies!

3. Mirror- So I’ve always relied on my iPhone to check for stuck food in my teeth; C’mon, I think we’ve all done this. Carrying a mirror in your bag–I feel– is essential to keep those pearly whites looking clean and checking that your makeup is on point.

4. Hair Tie- For people that know me, KNOW I never carry a hair tie in my bag. It was beginning to get annoying to be asking everyone at the gym for a hair tie. I decided to head over to the Dollar Tree and buy myself a bunch of cute/colorful hair ties. Best decision I ever made. I carry extra just in case, and it makes it easy to put my hair up for those hot summer days!

5. Tampons- There comes a time in every woman’s life, where we’ve all forgotten to bring an extra tampon. I know I have, and I was forced to buy a new set of tampons to get me through the day. I feel this is the #1 item woman always forget to carry around. Luckily for them, I’ve always carried extras just in case a fellow girlfriend is in need. Lesson learned!

6. Pen-Are you tired of stealing pens from the Bank Teller or simply struggling to find one in your car? Been there, done that. I carry this cute pink pen around, everywhere I go. Trust me; it’s helped me write those last minute get well cards or writing my sister a personal check when I forgot to get some cash out of the bank!

As minor as these items might be, they all play a part in my everyday routine. These #6 items are essential for me, and I can’t even count how many times they have saved my behind.

Share with me what your Must -Have items are! I’d love to know.

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