Netflix – Binge Watching

Hello my fellow Netflix lovers,
Are you just like me that can practically binge watch multiple episodes in one or two days? I think we are all guilty of this. I can’t begin to mention how many times Matty (boyfriend) & I have cuddled in bed and just watched our favorite tv shows all day!
Below, you’ll find ALL my favorite shows to watch including some new one.
1. Dexter – The show that started it all!!!!
2. Game of Thrones
3. Revenge
4. How to Get Away with Murder
5. Prison Break
6. Sons of Anarchy
7. The Walking Dead
8. Once upon a Time
9. Pretty Little Liars
10. The Flash
11. Homeland
12. Jessica Jones
13. Heroes
14. Jane the Virgin
15. Suits
16. Shameless
17. Glee
18. Rules of Engagement
19. Parks & Recreation
20. Orange is the New Black
21. The Vampire Diaries
22. Scandal
23. American Horror Story
24. The Affair
25. Making a Murderer
26. Wayward Pines
27. Empire
28. The Night of – Current Favorite
29. Outcast – Current Favorite
30. Fargo
31. True Detective
32. Scream Queens
33. Lie to me
34. Sex and the City
35. Shades of Blue
36. secrets & Lies
What is your favorite show? Leave your comments down below.

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