Napa Valley Wine Tasting Event

In a shout out to all the L.A. natives, the Napa Valley E-Auction Launch event took place at the Sofitel Hotel yesterday afternoon, just steps from the most well-known zip code in the world: Beverly Hills 90210. One’s first impression when arriving at the hotel is of the wonderful rustic ambiance, lots of elegant mirrors spaced throughout and beautifully placed flowers bringing out the simplicity of a fast-paced city like Los Angeles. The Sofitel Hotel’s Estérel Garden has the perfect setting for an afternoon brunch, bridal shower or a wedding reception. With plenty of room for lounging, networking or enjoying a nice dinner, it is bound to satisfy anyone looking for a relaxing time.

As the wine started pouring, you could hear the laughter and happiness in atmosphere. There were plenty of appetizers to go around, including some that were unique and proved to be delightful in taste. The event started with what appeared to be spicy tuna wrapped in a waffle cone sprinkled with sesame seeds and greens for presentation. It was sure to please all sushi lovers, giving them a twist on a very popular item. Also circulating, the servers presented a scrumptious basil, mozzarella with tomato Margherita flatbread, which turned out to be a huge hit. Pizza, sushi and wine – what more can you ask for?

Napa Valley Community & Vintners had representatives serving tasteful white and red wines. Each wine proved to have great quality, and the reps had a great deal of knowledge to pass to anyone curious enough to ask. The event was created to educate people on how to contribute to higher education. The funds raised went towards helping children in Napa Valley get a better education and to lend a helping hand to children with autism. You can also donate and raise awareness by visiting

Rachel McCord, the guest of honor, expressed to all in attendance the beauty of helping one another succeed. McCord truly is an inspirational woman who encourages everyone to pursue the things they love. She believes, “Every lady, regardless of how they look or where they come from, is fabulous.”

With that in mind, she organized this event to help bloggers, writers and models connect with one another through empowerment. Her empire doesn’t stop there, as she created, the McCord List community that continues to be her passion for inspiring ladies worldwide. With her enthusiasm and passion to help others, she partnered up with Napa Valley Community & Vintners to help promote a good cause.

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