10 Things to do with your Significant Other

Welcome back ladies, and Happy Thursday.
Being in a long-term committed relationship can get a little repetitive from time to time. Below, I’ll share my top #10 tips to make any relationship more enjoyable at any stage and age in life.
1. Traveling or Weekend Gateway
   – From my personal experience, I’ve realized that traveling the world with your better half can be a life changing experience. You become more educated and see the world from a different perspective. The memories you built from traveling will always remain as something unique and unforgettable.
-Weekend Getaways are also fun and adventures. If traveling isn’t within your budget, plan a trip close to home and scope out a different town. Try their local restaurants and bars. Gateways are a little easier on the pocket, but they can also create memorable experiences.
2. Become Foodies For A Day or Two.
  – Anyone that knows me well knows I love to eat. A way to any man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not indulge and enjoy the type of foods he enjoys eating? Venturing out and trying new food is an excellent way to get to know each other’s food preferences. I remember trying Indian food with Matt, and he both hated it! Years later, we tried it again and completely loved it.
3. Staying active together
  – For the longest time, my boyfriend begged me to join Crossfit with him. I fought him and told him “no” so many times, until one day I decided to give it a go. Shortly after, we had something new and exciting to talk about, like maxing out our back squats or power cleans. Plus, the most important part was that we encouraged one another and were committing to staying active and healthy.
4. Date Nights
  – Date Night doesn’t always have to consist of going out for dinner to the same place. Make it a fun night out, and try wine tasting or try out a new restaurant. From personal experience, going to a movie at the park is a fantastic idea for a fun night out. Did I mention majority of these local activities have “food trucks”? If you live in Los Angeles, try checking out Street Food Cinema for local viewings.
5. Go to a concert
  – Who doesn’t love singing their heart out to their favorite rock band? I know I do, and sharing those moments with your beau is an excellent way to enjoy the same music. Get a group together and go out for drinks right after.
6. Cooking Together
My boyfriend learned a lot from me when he first started cooking. It’s a superb idea to help each other in the kitchen and prepare enjoyable foods for the week. Cooking together helps couples bond at a whole different level.
7. Taking time to appreciate the small things
-Everyone likes to feel appreciated and wanted. So why not devote one day out of the week to tell your better half what you love most about them. Take time to examine your relationship & what both can do better and make it healthier. Communication is fundamental, so take time from your business agenda and appreciate the small things in life.
8. Staying physical
-Okay, I don’t mean to get all in your business, but staying intimate in a long term relationship is necessary. In other words, “keep your sex life active” and find new and exciting things to do together. It is never too late to try new and exotic things with your partner. Relationships that continue their intimacy level can create a stronger bond and commitment towards one another. Find out what each other like and experiment, HAVE FUN!
9.   Laughing Together
-I enjoy the times when my boyfriend and I laugh the most. Whether it is a Netflix show or remembering a funny time in our relationship. Having a sense of humor is important, particularly for men. They want to feel as they can joke around and be themselves around their girlfriend. Don’t take life too seriously, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.
10.  “You” Time
– Don’t be afraid to give time to yourself. We all deserve a little “me time” here and there. Hang out with friends and do things that you enjoy doing without your beau. It’s important for your boyfriend to have his time away from you as well. Spending time away will benefit your relationship, making it stronger.  We all need our space! Spending time away from each together, will contribute to creating a stronger bond. Spoil yourself and don’t be afraid to dedicate some time to the things you love doing most, like reading, blogging or spa days.


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