Feeling & Looking Young

Ever since I turned 26 years old, I’ve been feeling older but still very young at heart. Granted, many people will still tell me I’m still very young, but lately, I’ve been feeling much older in the face. Naturally, the older you get, the older you will look, that’s just apart of the aging process. Luckily, there are some ways to help prevent the aging process from happening sooner than it should. As women, we tend to put on a lot of makeup for EVERYTHING we do! I think we forget that makeup has a lot to do with our faces not looking as young and fresh. Once we start seeing blemishes, blackheads and bags under our eyes, we start applying makeup to cover it up. There are plenty of skin treatments that can help eliminate or minimize these issues.
I’ve always had clean and clear skin, so I never really needed much foundation. The older I got, I started experimenting more with makeup and started buying more of it. After some time, every time I didn’t have makeup on, I felt ugly, and my skin was a shade lighter than my body (lol). **Disclaimer** I’m not against makeup, I love wearing it and trying new things, but recently I’ve decided I would take a break from it and embrace my skin.  Devote one or two days out of the week to your skin and go all-natural.
Tricks to help you feel youthful at any age!
1. Wash your face EVERY night to get rid of any residue left from your makeup. Yes, I know I feel lazy too, but it’s critical to take it all off right before bed. Studies show that eye makeup can damage your vision.
2. Get your 8 hours of sleep! I can’t stress how important it is to get a good nights rest. Running on 5 hours or less will not make you feel good nor look good. Who wants bags under their eyes every morning?
3. Drinking too much coffee can speed up the aging process. For people that don’t know, coffee is dehydrating, so drinking too much of it, can cause your skin to feel and appear dry and dull.
4. DONT SMOKE! Have you noticed that the people that smoke the most often look much older than they are? Smoking causes premature aging to occur, which leads to collagen and elastin to break down.
5. Stress is another harmful element as well. Not only is stress bad for your health, but it also ages you faster. Take it easy, do things that make you happy to release some stress from work, school, and everyday life.
6. Drink water! Your body needs it, plus it keeps you hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin can dry up, and it can create flaky patches on your skin. I know it’s hard for some people to drink water, so by adding fruit into a pitcher, it can give it that extra refreshing taste.
7. Skipping meals is another side effect that leads to aging. Your body needs the proper nutrition and vitamins to keep you running throughout the day. Eat your favorite “healthy” foods and don’t skip a meal.
8. Exercising is an essential element in feeling young and healthy. Your body needs proper diet and exercise to operate every day. When people exercise more and eat better, they begin to feel a lot better about themselves. You’ll start to get that natural glowing skin and have all the confidence in the world.
Well, there you have it, ladies! I hope this was useful information. Let me know your thoughts and what other beauty regimens that help “your” skin feel and look young.
Till next time


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