What is Crossfit?

Hello Beauties,

Today I’m talking about Crossfit, yes you heard right, Crossfit. The most common misconception I hear among women is thats its only for people in really good shape, or my favorite it makes you bulky. Well news flash, it’s totally made for everyone wanting to improve themselves no matter where you currently stand fitness wise. I started Crossfit a year ago in May and I fell in love. At first I was very hesitant because just like any women, I heard the stories, watched the crossfit games, saw the women that competed professionally and thought it would make me buff and manly almost being brain washed to think I could never do what these women do.

Thanks to the sport it ignited a passion to start working out consistantly and not fall into that cycle of not going to the gym and losing motivation after a month or so. I started to feel comfortable in my own skin and I was pushing myself harder than I had ever before. I found out I that I actually enjoyed olympic weightlifting (I’m kinda okay at it) and learned to do push ups (not girl push ups). Most importantly I got fitter, healthier, and had fun doing it.

So what is Crossfit? Crossfit is a high intensity workout within a 10-30 minute timeframe. Not only that its also like being on the gymnastics, cross county, and weightlifting team. Who here goes to the gym? For you gym rats reading this, working out at a 24 Hour or LA Fitness perhaps takes two hours to really get in a good work out. With Crossfit, you can definitely get in a nice and hard work out in 15 – 20 minutes. Trust me, your body will be aching the next day, but a nice ache not a bad one! I would say Crossfit is quit scary at first, especially for people who have never worked out. I recommend taking a few Crossfit cardio classes and easing your way in for a more intense workout. Don’t get me wrong, that cardio class will kick your butt, too. After getting a little more comfortable, take a few classes and take it easy. Many people think Crossfit is a competitive sport, well it sorta is, BUT going at your own pace is the name of the game. Everyone is there to support one another and work as a team. The thing I love about it is the encouragement your members give you. Time your progress and weight progression. This gives you a better understanding what your goals are and the areas that need more improvement.

Your coaches will work with your abilities and skills.  We all have different goals, and skills but in time you’ll see your hard work pay off. Join the Paleo challenge and sets goals each time you go into your box. I’m not trying to convince anyone about Crossfit, I just want to shed some light on the subject. Yes, it will kick your butt, it will hurt, but it is extremely rewarding.


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