How To Balance Your Personal Life

Hello My beauties,

Lately, I’ve been finding it really hard to find a balance between my personal life and everything else. Ever since I started my new job (two months ago) I’ve been struggling to find the perfect balance I need. Working full time, being a full time student and a crossfit junkie has made it nearly impossible for me to think straight! So, I got to thinking! How can I do everything on my to do list, and still have time for myself?

Finding Balance:

1.Priortizing is probably the most important key in balancing your life. I get, we are all tired at days end, but it’s not impossible to sqeeze in a work out or some chores here and there. I learned this the hard way, I would save all of my homework and important things for last, when in reality, I should have been doing those tasks first. Once I started to prioritize things, everything seemed much easier to handle.

2.Working out will difinitely help release some stress and give you that  balance. Not only does working out keep you feeling good, but it’s important for a healthy life-style. For two months, my gym time was suffering. I physically didn’t feel like myself and had no energy to do anything. Putting in time at the gym is vital and a great way to keep you on track.

(Looking for a serious work out routine, give Crossfit a try)

3. What you eat will determine how you feel through out the day. I turn to a healthy and well balanced meal to keep me going. Not to mention the help of #mybikinibod that has helped me tremendously. I now have the engery, focus and dedication to complete a lot of my tasks. What you put into your body will determine how you’ll function throughout the day.

4. Keep a planner around the house. I’m very BIG on planners, they help sort out my schedule and my school schedule. I enjoy writing out my plans for the week and everything that needs to be done. It also serves as a great reminder for those that have a bad memory.

5. If your a visual person like myself, then this will work out for you! Having a dream board is probably the only thing that helps my plans and goals come to life. Have you ever heard people say, if you put it out to the universe, things will start to happen! Let me just say, I’m very big on this idea. I have a dream board that I always look at everyday to remind me about my goals for the year. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try it for yourself! All you need is poster, scissors, tape, and lots of pictures-of your dreams and plans for the future. Make your dream board reasonable and measurable. Ask yourself, what is important to me and when do I plan on accomplishing these goals? Visually seeing your goals will pave the way to actually accomplishing your goals.

Looking at my dreamboard reminded me about my goals for the year. While I was struggling to balance my personal life, I reflected on the things I wanted to accomplish. We’re all humans, and sometimes we lose track. The important thing is to get back on. Slowly but surely, my life is starting to feel normal again. Follow these tips and I promise you anyone can find the perfect balance they need.

Happy Blogging


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