Shoedazzle’s VIP Membership

Hello Ladies,

We all love a new pair of shoes every month, right? Well if you haven’t already, I’ve been a VIP member with #Shoedazzle for some time now. I absolutely love the deals they give their VIP members. For first time buyers signing up for the VIP membership you receive 75% your first purchase. Can anyone say SCORE!!! Guess who’s been shopping (lol) So, basically once you sign up, you have an option every month to get charged $39.95 (which goes towards your purchase) or simply SKIP IT. Let’s say you don’t find anything between the 1st of the month through the 5th, well Shoedazzle let’s you skip that month without charging you anything–pretty cool, right? I set reminders for myself every month because sometimes I forget to skip and get charged, so setting a friendly reminder didn’t hurt anyone. The neat thing is, even if I didn’t skip and got charged, those $39.95 will be available in my profile whenever I do find something to purchase.

I’m super excited to receive my new pair of Darla heels! Super chic and perfect for #summer. I think they will look super cute with a pair of sunglasses, casual T, ripped jeans and a high ponytail. It’s getting pretty hot out there, so find yourself the perfect heels this summer.

Let me know your thoughts if you sign up and how you like it.

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