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My friend Jenny and I found this really cute spot about a year ago, and ever since we have been coming here. I have been to so many cafe’s but this place is one for the books. Don’t believe me? I suggest you trying it out for yourself.  

Fall is probably my favorite season of all time! Everyone is cheerful, waiting for the holidays to kick in. My true obession is staying home, cuddling and watching my favorite movies. The best part of it all, is going to my near by cafe, sitting down and relaxing with good company. 

One of my favorite cafe’s in L.A  has to be Nesmon Cafe on Ventura Blvd. It has a French feel and it is super cute. I’ve currently visited Paris, and everything about this place reminds me of dinning outside and people watching in beautiful Paris. If you are ever on the Blvd, you should definitely check this place out! 

My all time favorite drink is the Chai Tea Latte! So yummy 

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