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My trip to Paris was probably the best experience yet this year! Let me just tell you, I’ve always dreamt of going to Paris and the very moment I landed, well let’s just say I couldn’t help but get teary eyed.

Here’s my journey 

Paris is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, so much culture and great traditions.  The Parisians are very active its crazy; let me just say they walk everywhere. Matt(my boyfriend of three years) and I were very surprised on how much we walked while being there. We took the metro all around Paris and had no problem getting use to their system. The awesome thing about Paris was, the sun doesn’t go down until 9:30 PM. Our days felt very long, which was good since we could stay out longer. 

The arrival 
My good friend Jules and his lovely girlfriend let us crush at their beautiful flat during our trip to Paris. His flat was only 30 minutes away from the city, it was perfect and convenient. He greeted us with a French “Apéritif” which consisted of cheese, wine, crackers, olives, bread, followed by a home made pizza(which was amazing) and other delicious snacks.It was so nice being able to see Jules after two years and finally seeing Paris. Doesn’t it look amazing? 

Sight Seeing 
Sight seeing was definitely the best part of this trip, don’t get me wrong I love living in beautiful California, but we really don’t have beautiful monuments that just sit all over the city. I am talking about historic monuments that have been there for centuries.It was cereal just being able to walk in the city and know that all the greats once roamed this beautiful city.One of my favorite places to visit was The Palace of Versailles and its Gardens. I knew Versailles would be huge BUT I did not think it would take us three hours to walk around the gardens. It was an amazing experience just to think about the people who lived there during that time. Marie Antoinette’s Estate was beyond gorgeous, and the place itself was breathtaking. It was overly crowed, so being able to see everything was very hard. Specially since you have people beyond you wanting to see everything too. Matt and I went rowing around the lake and ate at one of there little shops that they have on sight.Versailles should be on your check list if ever visiting Paris. 

The Catacombs of Paris 
Everything in Paris is a MUST see, but a very cool and neat place to visit is The Catacombs of Paris. I have never seen anything like. You can learn about the history of The Catacombs by visiting the link that I’ll post at the end of the blog. For those that would like to visit, I believe the amount was about 10 euros,  and well worth it. Since its underneath the city of Paris, it gets colder, wet and moist, so be prepare to wear comfortable shoes. Stacks of bones and skulls filled the room, very creepy huh? This place is a must see for those visiting Paris in the near future. 

The Eiffel Tower 

Must I say more! One of the main reasons why people from all over the world come to Paris. Pictures do not do it justice, it is beyond gorgeous. The Eiffel Tower was one of the first thing I saw when I got to Paris. I wanted to surprise Matt and take him to the light show. I didn’t know exactly what time it started, but we made it on time. WOW! I was so shocked on how amazing this place is, hundreds of people sat on the floor and grass to watch the show. There is plenty to do around The Eiffel Tower such as, food stands, the carousel, the boat ride, taking a nice stroll around the park and dining. These are memories that will last me a life time!

The Food Okay, so talking about food really makes me hungry (lol). I can’t begin to tell you how good the food is in Paris. I want to say I tried everything I could before I left. To a name a few things I tried, crepes, beef bourguignon, croissants,baguettes, escargots, macaroons, burgers and fries, pasta, you mean it I ate it! It was definitely good quality food. My favorite place was  “Angelina’s” it’s where the beautiful Audrey Hepburn enjoyed her meals when visiting. Their chocolate ‘OMG’ was out of this world. No seriously, it was creamy and thick. I have never tried anything like it, and if you ever get the chance to visit this place, you’ll be surprised and amazed, I kid you not. The cool thing about roaming the streets, is that you’ll always bump into a restaurant, they are all over the place. A great spot would be Champs-Elysees, think of it as the Beverly Hills of Paris.  

Pere Lachaise Cemetery 
There is no cemetery out here that looks anything like this place. It is so peaceful and beautiful and even walking around is just really nice. You see tomb stones dating back to the 1700’s and breathtaking monuments dedicated to their loved ones. I was able to visit Jim Morrison’s crave, and honestly it was one of the neatest experience ever.

A recap of everything there is to see in Paris, these are ALL MUST SEE places

The Louvre 

Arc de Triumph 

Notre Dame 

Les Invalides 

Paris will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was the first trip I took with my boyfriend, and it was really nice to experience this with him. To me, Paris is like a second home, and I really want to go back real soon. It was nice to have a change of scenery and see a different part of the world. Paris has so much to offer, a little bit of everything for everyone. I am a history nerd, so being able to see all the history, museums, architecture, art is and forever will be memories I will cherish forever. I want to say thank you to my friend Jules for making this happen for me and welcoming me to his home. You have a beautiful home and you are extremely lucky to wake up to such a wonderful city. 



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