Scones are such a yummy treat! I love going to Starbucks and having heir blueberry scones. I didn't know how simple they were to make BUT it turns out they are super easy. So, I decided to make my own version and guess what, my family enjoyed it. Heres what you need. Ingredients: 1. Two cups of [...]


                                            Watermelon and blueberry Popsicle I've been craving Popsicle for a while now, so I decided to make some for my family. There's nothing better to help keep cool during summer than Popsicle. There's a variety of flavors [...]

Homemade crêpes with homemade whipped “cinnamon” cream

So, I'm leaving to Paris in 24 days! I'm so excited, that I want to make some yummy crêpes. I'm feeling a little French inspired! This recipe is super easy and fun to make, oh and wait, it doesn't take long to prep either. What a delicious treat! I made this yummy homemade crêpes followed with homemade [...]