Chia Seeds

Ch – ch – ch -Chia seeds are absolutely the best thing on THIS PLANET! No, honestly. Everyday before going to work, I always make myself my parfait that I love so much, and add chia seeds to my diet. They are kinda bland, but they are super beneficial in so many ways. Chia seeds can be added in almost anything. I find myself putting chia seeds in my water every time. SSSHH!! I’ll let you in a little secret, putting chia seeds in water are known to keep you feeling fuller through out the day. I didn’t notice it, until, I said to myself “Lately, I’ve been feeling super full, after drinking my water”, not thinking, well it must be the chia seeds. Little did I know, it was.
Great Health Benefits 


1.  You get full faster   ( who doesn’t want that!)

2. Improves heart health

3. Flights belly fat

4. Contains fiber

5. Combat Diabetes

6. Contains Omega-3

7. Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Chia Seeds are absolutely the best!

Add it to your salads, water, shakes, parfaits.

Enjoy the benefits of chia seeds

Happy Blogging

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