Breakfast Parfait

 -Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! 

I think most of us can agree that finding time to have breakfast in the morning can sometimes be a little hard. Through out time, I’ve really have made an effort to eat breakfast every morning before going to work. Let’s face it once I clock in, I’m thinking to myself  I’ve should I have ate something”, and it’s true each time. Breakfast is honestly the most important meal of the day! Studies have shown that having a well balanced breakfast every morning can help with weight  and other great benefits. I’m talking about a good healthy breakfast, not one that will make you feel bad afterwards.


A healthy meal can help with:

1. A more nutritionally complete diet can provide your body with vitamins and minerals you need
2. More strength and endurance to help in physical activity
3. Helps improve performance (work, classrooms, boardroom, exams)

Preparing a healthy meal does not take long to make. A parfait can provide your body with all vitamins and minerals that you need to get your day started. You can add just about anything and make it as delicious as you want.


1. Greek Yogurt (Trader Joe’s has a great selection)
2. Granola (Trader Joe’s, select your favorite)
3. Strawberries (add any fruit you like )
4. Bananas
5. Honey (Pure honey or organic works)
6. A hint of cinnamon 

Note: You can also add chia seeds:
Chia Seeds have all sorts of benefits. (see later blog about chia seeds) 

I started with the yogurt first and added strawberries and bananas on each layer. I topped it off with honey and cinnamon. Finally, I added my granola. Simple and easy to make!

Now, there’s no excuse NOT to make a quick and healthy breakfast. Enjoy.

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