Orange Juice

Today is one of those sicks days. For some odd reason I’ve been feeling super tired and sleepy all weekend long, and don’t have a clue why! My momma bear made me some freshly squeezed orange juice this morning and boy I felt a lot better. I always suggest eating the whole fruit, but on those sick days I definitely recommend pouring yourself some fresh OJ. Orange juice provides us with so many wonderful health benefits, such as, Vitamin C and minerals that your body needs. Oranges also reduce inflammation, lowers bad cholesterol and produces collagen. Aren’t these benefits great? Although drinking orange juice is great for you, you can also bring out the oranges natural sugars out. Orange juice is very high in sugar fructose, just like any other fruit. Even though it’s natural sugars, we don’t want to have freshly made orange everyday. As I mentioned before, pouring yourself some OJ here and there won’t hurt, specially one those sick days, it can help you boost up your immune system. Remember, do everything in moderations.

Don’t forget to incorporate fruits into your diet, but remember it should only consist of 33% of fruit and vegetables for a good and healthy diet. 


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